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Anaerobic Endurance Program

Pulley position: 1” above belly button for all exercises in the circuit.

WeightInitially 10 pounds on the sled for all exercises.  When your talent progresses to the ability to complete 2 full circuits while maintaining 2 repetitions per second with excellent stance
and posture change to 7.5 pounds on the sled and 3 circuits.

Count/Circuit:  Initially 30 repetitions each exercise at 2+ repetitions per second then shift to the next exercise.  Concentrate on no more than 5 seconds between exercise changes.  Initially 2 circuits progressing to 3 circuits.  Each circuit is approximately 10 minutes so 3 circuits will consume 30 minutes.

Attachment: Ankle strap for all exercises in its loosest configuration.

Stance: See chart for each exercise but no wider than 11 inches. 80% body weight on the balls of each foot.  The wider stance is designed to facilitate more power while developing balance and equilibrium.

Generalities: Acquire a visual target and focus. Fixed head with good head posture. Excellent Stance/Posture at all times.  Weight should be on balls of feet in all exercises.

Critical Rules: Never load more than 20% body weight on heels. Always have a target with eyes (visualize your head movement). Keep low back in loaded posture.

This program consumes approximately 350 Plus kilocalories - be sure to hydrate before exercise.


This is essentially a high intensity interval cardio workout.  As each muscle group fatigues the user changes to another muscle group ensuring continuous high performance activity.   In the 150 plus pound male this workout will consume approximately 400 calories when all three circuits are performed.  The 30 minute cool down following this workout will consume 350 plus calories.  


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