Personal Training for General Fitness


The Impulse is based on an entirely new exercise technology, and is completely different from any other exercise machine on the market.

The Impulse combines the results of Weight Training, Cardio, and Pilates equipment into one execise session


Burns more calories, faster than tredmills and spinning.

Achieves a totally safe Dynamic Stretch.
Produces amazing results for General Fitness, Rehab, Injury Prevention, and Sports Specific Exercise.
Currently used by hundreds of professional, collegiate, and Olympic athletes in many sports including Baseball, Football, Golf, and Hockey.
Completely safe. Millions of users over 22 years, not one injury.


The Impulse is undeniably the most versatile fitness tool on the market. There  are many reasons why an Impulse would be invaluable to you or your club.  You will not believe what a leap in exercise technology we have until you experience exercise with the Impulse first hand.

Just toning up or looking for a competitive edge, the Impulse is right for you.

If you're a personal trainer, you'll find its results and versatility unmatched.