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Better Throwing Batting and Running


The best pitchers that never were lost their dreams to injury.

Without question, throwing is the most demanding activity for the shoulder complex.  Done incorrectly, injury is a sure result.   Every inconsistency in the action will add up against the athlete.   Preserving performance while preventing injury is the only solution to a lasting pitching career.



Impulse training is an advanced exercise technology that caters specifically to the demands of the throwing athlete.  Exercise for throwing focuses on balance, scapular mobility, and core stabilization.   All of the crucial elements of throwing are honed to a fine edge. Injury becomes a thing of the past while power and performance are dramatically improved.



The technology goes far beyond throwing performance.  It strengthens, trains motion, and teaches functional acceleration while preserving joint stability.   That means injury free high performance explosive power.   The kind you need to hit that home run or sprint to second.


With over twenty years of experience in professional baseball, we’ve perfected training programs for throwing, hitting, and sprinting that work.  Training programs that work make dreams come true.




The ImpulseHP

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Scapular mobility                    Core Stabilization       Balance        Function


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Impulse - Enhancing the art of baseball with

Injury Prevention

Power Performance


Energy Endurance

Consider the last 10 World Series winners…

eight use Impulse Training in their injury prevention and performance building.


Just Some Teams using Impulse

Arizona Diamondbacks

Baltimore Orioles

Boston Red Sox

Cincinnati Reds

Cleveland Indians

Houston Astros

New York Yankees

Philadelphia Phillies

Pittsburgh Pirates

St. Louis Cardinals

Many more