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STAR Stabilization Program

Technique: Tonic.

Pulley position: As specified.

Weight: 7.5 pounds on the sled for all exercises.

Count:  30 reps per exercise at about 50% perceived power.  Move immediately from one exercise to the next as with super sets.

Note:  Performed right side then left side.

Attachment: Ankle strap for all exercises in its loosest configuration.

Stance: As positioned for each exercise.

Critical Rules: Never load more than 20% body weight on heels.  Always have a target with your eyes.  Keep low back in loaded posture.  Stand Tall.

This program consumes approximately 350 kilocalories - be sure to hydrate before exercise.

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This our first programmed exercise regime was designed in collaboration with Phil Donley (MBL consultant).    Originally intended as a rehab, post rehab and injury prevention program it was quickly recognized as a performance enhancement program.  This is a 30~40 minute workout for all ages, activities, and sports which can be performed daily but will provide excellent results if done two to three days a week (i.e. Monday – Wednesday – Friday).  In general exercise movement patterns and stance balance requirements are not as complex as the STAR v.5 programs.  Trainers and therapists can pick and choose appropriate individual exercises for specific rehabilitation applications.
We suggest you perform this workout at a level of energy expenditure equal to what you perceive is 50% of your max power.  You should read and learn the section of STAR before thinking about adding this workout to your regime.  If you are going to use your Impulse for the purpose of training high power strikes (super performance training), then it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you begin your workout with this regime first and then progress to the striking routines.  This can also be said of enhancing your bench press, squat or clean and jerk.


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