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STAR v.5 Program

Technique: Tonic.

Pulley position: As specified.

Weight: 7.5 pounds on the sled for all exercises.

Count:  30 reps per exercise at about 60% perceived power.  Move immediately from one exercise to the next.  To use this as an anaerobic workout use 30 seconds per exercise at 75% perceived power.  Move immediately from one exercise to the next as in super sets.

Note:  Performed right side then left side.

Attachment: Ankle strap for all exercises in its loosest configuration.

Stance: See “Stance During Exercise” on the chart bottom. 80% body weight on the balls of each foot.  The narrow stance is designed to promote balance and equilibrium.

Critical Rules:  Never load more than 20% body weight on heels.  Always have a target with your eyes.  Keep low back in loaded posture.  Stand Tall.

One curcuit consumes approximately 180 kilocalories - be sure to hydrate before exercise.

Performance enhancement for the adult athlete of all sports.   This Program is a total body neurological tune-up producing complete body spatial awareness with joint and core stability resulting in better agility, power in throwing, stronger kicking, and faster sprinting.  Designed for ages 15 and older as a 15 minute workout which can be performed daily but will provide excellent results if done three days a week (i.e. Monday – Wednesday – Friday).  Athletes report superior performance on the field when they perform this workout within 24 hours of competition. It is not intended for rehabilitation purposes because of the complexity and intensity of the exercises.


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